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My Sea Kayak. Sliverlining

It is amazing all the hobbies and activities you can do in the West of Ireland once you’re willing to get out and try it. Growing up beside Clew Bay and The Black Oak River I was destined to be a water baby. I’ve always enjoyed swimming, deep sea angling, trips out the bay, sight seeing, camping and exploring.

In 2012 I joined, Castlebar Kayak Club. This led to so many things including becoming an instructor, paddling with the Special Olympics Connaught Kayak Team and going to National Games with them as their coach and chaperone. I have sea kayaked and whitewater paddled in different parts of the world but the most fantastic thing for me is to see and explore my local coastline and rivers. You have the opportunity to get into different caves and beaches that you wouldn’t normally see but most precious thing of all is the friends that I have made all over Ireland and beyond.

This is just one hobby that has changed my life. What might yours be? Tell me a little bit about yourself in comments and maybe together we might inspire ourselves or someone else to try something new!

Looking forward developing this blog so if your interested please follow and get involved. Bear with me though! As you will find out I am new to digital media. This is another push for me out of my comfort zone so learning all the way. All feedback graciously received ♡


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