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Valentines Musings!

Well here I am. My next blog post and it’s not one that I expected to be talking about. But here we go! It’s Wednesday evening the eve before Galentine’s day, which is a fun day that has just started in the last few years since 2010. It’s all about celebrating your female friends, meeting for a coffee, phoning for a chat or a girls day out. ( We all know we don’t need very many excuses to do that. Lol 🥂)

I am lucky to have great friends. They’re spread far and wide. And I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. But when I get together with them it’s always great. You just can’t beat a good belly laugh. Or talking to somebody who knows you so well they totally get it.

Belly laughs with friends on a recent trip to London

I suppose the crux of what this post is about though is that I am single, I am in my mid 40s and I suppose I’m surprised. But to me “I am living my best life!” Please excuse the cheesy quote🙈 I have so many single friends and so many different clients that are single also and maybe have been like me for quite a while. I swear I’d nearly turn and date them myself. They’re fabulous!

This week I was scrolling through the Irish Times online and I seen an article by Roe McDermot. She writes an ‘Dear Roe’ advice column. Is really struck a chord with me and gave me a bit of a Oh My God moment!

A girl had written in and had said

“I’m tired of being the only single person but tired of dating too”

It caught my attention so I read it. Not all related to me, but the part that really did was when Roe said,

“Stop fearing the end of relationships. Embrace the idea of the experience, no matter how long”

She went on to explain that sometimes before we even give a person a chance we already see or visualise the end of the relationship and the pain and disappointment that we might feel at the end of it. Instead she advised that “relationships no matter how long can make you feel more hopeful and empowered and not to view people as possible disappointments, but fully rounded human beings with whom you could share a lovely experience or leave when you need to” I suppose what she’s saying is that we can grow and learn from every experience & every relationship. And that we don’t have to stay if it’s not making us happy. But to remember that we do have choice. And we can learn a lot about somebody and ourselves by giving people a chance, not just in relationships.

She said in doing this

“you might experience being single not as a permanent flawed state but a temporary one. And you might end up getting serious with someone unexpected who you might have written off on first impressions”

The last thing she said (seriously, I think this woman is a genius) is,

“Choose not to shut down your heart and life’s possibilities”

Well, on that note I am wishing all the ladies, Mothers, Aunts, Grannies, Sisters, Daughters and the friends of lady’s an extremely Happy Galentines Day.

Sending big love to my Mum Maureen, fab sister Cathy, future sis in law Siobhan, Cora, Marlene, Mary, Helen, Tracy, Kelly, Helen, Kelly, Rowena, Dara and Carole and everyone 😘

Also have a lovely Valentine’s Day and weekend everybody. And remember choose not to shut down your heart. But open it up to possibilities!

Relaxed and happy with my girl crew

Source: Roe McDermot, Irish Times: https://bit.ly/2UOMZxk,

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